circa 1963

George Yantis

Shawnee, Kansas

WN0GNQ Novice Station


John Wilson, WN0DYU
now K0IP
Pocatello, Idaho
photo circa 1963

John Wilson,WN0DYU
novice license

Old Shawnee Days Parade circa 1977?
Jackie Yantis and Susan Yantis Bolton in the back?


K0NK lets two fourth grade students communicate with  WB4MIO/mobile in Alabama on 17m

K0THN answers a question while K0GYprojects a world map onto the screen that depicts time zones


Four QUEST students take a close look at a resonant-frequency demonstration

CARA members, students and teachers all seemed to enjoy the ham-radio presentation
Ham Club Resonates with Elementary School   Feb, 13, 2003

For the second year, members of the Crown Amateur Radio Association (CARA) in Olathe helped students at Meadow Lane Elementary School gain insight into topics ranging from science to geography. Three CARA members demonstrated
the concepts of sound waves, resonant frequency, time zones, Morse Code and radio communications to about 50 attentive fifth-graders at the school.  Following the presentation to the fifth grade, four students in the sixth grade's QUEST (advanced learning) program were given an up-close and hands-on look at amateur radio By setting up a Kenwood TS-50 HF transceiver in the school's library and a Cushcraft R5 vertical outside, CARA members Jim Andera, KØNK, Charlie Hett,
KØTHN and George Yantis, KØGY, let students see amateur radio in action.  Students were able to talk to other radio operators as near as Alabama and Virginia, and as far away as Slovenia in eastern Europe. A short-wave station broad-casting news in German was briefly monitored and a student who spoke German offered comments. Students received another glimpse into the cultures of other countries with the aid of DX QSL cards. To help the students remember the presentation, each student got to keep a DX QSL card.  A speaker and an audio signal generator were used to demonstrate the audio frequency range of the human ear. The same speaker was used to illustrate the special effects noted at resonant frequency.  The CARA is a small amateur radio club within Honeywell International's Olathe facility, which designs and manufactures Bendix/King Avionics. The thank-you letters CARA has received from the students and teachers illustrate how appreciative they are of such efforts. Since 1996, Honeywell and the Olathe School District have worked in a partnership to foster and promote learning experiences beyond the normal classroom activities. Members of the CARA are proud to be an active part of that partnership.
Jim Andera KØNK

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